How To Choose A Spoon For Your Baby

- May 04, 2018-

  Choose the right material for your baby's age: Younger babies are generally advised to use plastic materials. These scoop handles are mostly made of polypropylene, and the scoop is made of silicone. The utensils made of silica gel are softer than the utensils made of polypropylene, and do not easily harm the delicate mouth of the baby. The silicone is odorless and odorless with respect to rubber, and its texture is harder than rubber and it is resistant to bite. It can also take soup or Paste. However, silicone spoon spoons are generally suitable for 0-1 year old babies. After 1 year old baby has added solid food supplements, silicone spoons can not accept too heavy solid food, this time should choose a hard texture PP spoon.

   According to the actual needs of the choice of styles and functions: the shape of the spoon is very much the same, mainly round, some round, some oval. Round spoons can be used for rice paste and other pastes, and elliptical spoons are more suitable for feeding soups, etc., to facilitate feeding into the baby's mouth. In addition to ordinary functions, there is also a kind of spoon that can be sensed for the novice parents - the spoon head has a temperature sensing function. When the food temperature exceeds 40°C, the spoon will change color and effectively protect the baby's tender and sensitive mouth.

   After 2 years old, you can choose plastic handle, stainless steel spoon. A certain sense of weight of the spoon can help your baby to better exercise your hand strength.