How To Control The Dimensional Error Of Silicone Products

- Mar 15, 2018-

  The temperature of the mold must be increased to increase the molding temperature. This is very important. The higher the temperature of the molding mold, the better the silicone raw material can be molded according to the temperature of the mold. The fluidity of the raw material is also tight. Sticking in the mill has the activity, the fluidity of the raw material is also relatively poor, and the dimension of the formed product will not be related to the expected error.

  Secondly, when the silicone products are molded, they will give a force to the silicone raw materials. Through a moderate force, we can compress the silicone raw materials to a fixed size. Therefore, in the molding pressure, it is necessary to reasonably grasp a degree, such as pressure. If it is too big, the thickness will become thinner, and the dimensions will become larger, and vice versa.

  In addition, sometimes the design of the mold itself may be a problem, the design is not rigorous and qualified, then in the production no matter how to adjust the size will also find a slight error, because in the mold mold must pay attention to the strictness of the mold, to There is no slightest error with the size of the product. In general, the problem of the mold itself is still relatively small in the silicone product manufacturing industry, but we cannot rule out this reason.

  In addition, silicone raw materials, sometimes we may put too much silicone raw materials, if the silicone material more than the volume or weight we need to produce the product, then it will be very easy to error after molding silicone products.