How To Develop Stainless Steel Kitchenware Industry In China

- May 05, 2018-

  China's stainless steel kitchenware industry is facing the above risks due to the financial crisis. In order to cope with the export crisis under the financial crisis, both the enterprise and the government must pay considerable attention and take necessary measures to revitalize the stainless steel kitchenware industry in China.

  First, stainless steel kitchenware companies must actively carry out industrial upgrading, increase capacity utilization rate, optimize industrial structure based on bigger and stronger, establish resource-saving industries, and develop environmentally-friendly industries, so as to achieve low resource consumption and low environmental pollution. Achieve sustainable development.

  Second, in the context of shrinking domestic and foreign consumer markets, companies should try their best to innovate products to attract consumers. Key investment products include complete sets of products and European and American style products. Individual products have little difference in terms of cost and profit. Complete sets of products generally have higher added value and more investment. People are increasingly pursuing art of living. European and American fashions are highly respected and they invest in products that consumers are interested in. Less risky.

Finally, the state must continue to increase its export promotion policies. We will promote the introduction of a policy to increase the export tax rebate rate for certain products, further improve the trade financing policy, continue to strengthen international cooperation, create a good external environment, and oppose trade protectionism. In addition, local governments should further improve government services and improve customs clearance. Level, speed up the import and export commodity inspection and quarantine.