How To Distinguish Silicone Ice Cream, Silicone Cake Mold And Silicone Chocolate Mold

- Apr 17, 2018-

  1. Silicone Ice Cube: The most common ice cube shape, the shape of the mold can be very detailed and large point angle, the slot can also be very fine, the pattern can be more detailed, made out of the ice can be hollowed out. If it is a simpler silicone ice cube, the thickness of the silicone will be slightly thinner than the cake.

  2. Silicone cake mold: The most common cake baking mold, the shape of the mold is more large, an orderly circle, and the biggest difference between the ice tray is not designed into a large water chestnut and detailed slot, the cake out Most of them are solid hollow shape moldings, and silicone cake molds are slightly thicker.

  3. Silicone chocolate mold: The most common chocolate molding mold is very similar to the design of the cake mold. The difference is that the chocolate mold is smaller in size than the cake mold and shallow in depth.