How To Identify The Good Or Bad Silicone Bracelet?

- Mar 17, 2018-

  Through our website, we can understand that we are a silicone product factory, that is to say the material we use is mainly silica gel, then what characteristics of silica gel have been mentioned in the previous article. And our main use of silica gel to produce is also a meager contribution to environmental protection. Then how to identify the quality of the bracelet made of silicone?

   Our engineers told me that the bad appearance of silicone wristbands is mainly due to the problem of silicone ink. The lack of tensile strength depends on how many degrees of mixed rubber you use. After the formation of these things just look outward and pull is still not well identified. So you can also refer to the following three aspects

   1. feel

   Silicone is a material that feels like human skin. The elasticity of silicone differs from that of rubber: it will not be the kind of firm elasticity. The elasticity of silicone is soft and delicate. At the same time, many PVC materials do not have this effect.

   2. material

   Must be medical silicone, quality identification can only be tested by sampling the ingredients.

   3. details

   As we all know, silicone is relatively easy to get dust due to its own material. So in design, in addition to aesthetics, but also take into account his dust. For example: Ying Bao silicone bottle on the bottle to consider the dust, the part of the bottle made of frosted; this will not only ensure the appearance of the product, but also take care of the product's dust; it can serve two purposes.

   4. packaging

   Whether the packing box is full of handwriting, whether there is a printing error, whether the diameter of the hand ring is regular, whether the “thickness” is the same, and whether there is any excess colloid on the edge of the hand ring.

   The silicone wristband processing factory tells everyone that a good silicone wristband can show one's temperament. Just like our buyers, we wear the wristband we produce to make it shine more!