How To Improve The Curing Time Of Silicone Products

- Mar 15, 2018-

  When producing silicone products, the speed will be slower and slower. To a certain extent, the overall output will be reduced. This is actually related to the vulcanization time. In actual production, we can actually increase it through some methods, which can significantly increase production. Efficiency reaches a certain standard.

  How to improve the production efficiency of silicone products and improve production efficiency is to make good use of vulcanizing agents. The most important thing is to increase the vulcanization rate of silicone products, thereby shortening the time required for the molding process of silicone products. What should be done to shorten the time? What is the curing time?

  Silicone product vulcanization:

  1. Introduction of Silicon Rubber Product Manufacturers Molding operators speed up the operation and minimize the time outside the mold, so as to stabilize the temperature of silicone mold products and increase the curing speed of silicone products. Vacuum curing machine is used for production. If there is no vacuum vulcanizing agent, it is better to use steel pipe to die when exhausting to assist the exhaust.

  2. Appropriately increase the amount of vulcanizing agent added in silicone raw materials, or choose rapid vulcanizing agent, in order to speed up the vulcanization molding of silicone products, the structure of the product decides, as long as the silicone products are not deformed and numb, if it is a silicone button, Pay attention to whether the load will be high.

  3. Change the way of discharging the raw materials of silica gel so that the raw material of the silica gel can gradually fill the entire cavity from the side wall of the cavity during the process of pressurization.

  4. Change the exhaust frequency and exhaust stroke, which on the commissioner's work experience requirements are relatively high, because according to common sense, the greater the exhaust stroke, exhaust more times will be more conducive to exhaust. However, this is not the case. It is necessary to decide according to the structure of the product. Some silicone products will have a large exhaust stroke, but bad air bubbles will occur.