How To Improve The Production Efficiency Of Silicone Products?

- Mar 21, 2018-

How to improve the production efficiency of silicone products, improve production efficiency is to use good vulcanizing agents, the most important of which is to improve the vulcanization rate of silicone products, thereby shortening the time required for silicone products forming process, then what should be done to be able to shorten What is the curing time? Share the following vulcanization time to shorten the experience.

  1. Molding operators speed up the speed of operation, minimize the time outside the mold, so as not to mess up the temperature of silicone mold products, improve the curing rate of silicone products

  2. Using vacuum curing machine production, if there is no vacuum vulcanizing agent, it is best to use the steel pipe die to exhale when exhausting.

  3. Appropriately increase the amount of the vulcanizing agent added in the raw material of the silica gel or use the fast vulcanizing agent to accelerate the vulcanization molding of the silicone product.

  4. The structure of the product decides that as long as the silicone product is not deformed and paralyzed, if it is a silicone button, also pay attention to whether the load will be high.

  5. Change the way of discharging the raw material of silica gel, try to make the mold in the process of pressurization, the silicone raw material can gradually fill the entire cavity from the side wall of the cavity.

  6. Change the number of exhausts and the exhaust stroke. This requires a relatively high working experience for the debugger. As a general rule, the larger the exhaust stroke, the greater the number of exhausts, and the better the exhaust. However, this is not the case. It needs to be determined according to the structure of the product. Some silicone products will have a large exhaust stroke and will cause poor air bubbles.