How To Judge The Quality Of A Silicone Product

- Mar 12, 2018-

  It is believed that many silicone product manufacturers in the silicone industry want their processed products to fall to the bottom of the market, so many manufacturers are making a lot of decisions for the product so that the production of silicone products turned into their own hands Playthings, so this also has a certain degree of correlation with the manufacturer's production strength. Connaught has a market acclaim, high-profile manufacturers, their products will never be ignored in the market, so do not want their products in the market Great discount, then still have to grab the quality from above.

    Regardless of the quality of any silicone rubber product, there are two important factors that affect the quality of the product: internal and external. First of all, the appearance of the product is very important. It must be From the point of view, the desire to possess is revealed, which means that the color of a silicone product is very important. Try to make the color more vivid when debugging the color. Secondly, let alone the hand feel. The smoothness must be high and comfortable to feel, so raw materials and fuel injection are very important. There can be no impurity in the raw materials, and you cannot choose expired or inferior raw materials for processing. The off-line flash size affects the external main cause of the product, so the development of trimming and mold is also very important.

   Say a good thing is not only to look at his appearance, the inside is the same, for example, we look and the inside is the same as two kinds of people, so the silicone products are the same as the first thing in the raw material can do qualified products, raw materials When the content of silicone oil is too high, the silicone oil affects the aging rate of the product and the viscosity of the ash. The use of a vulcanizing agent can change the properties of the silicone product. Different vulcanizing agents are used. Smelting will lead to product deformation, performance off the shelf, lack of toughness and so on. So to sum up, silicone rubber products manufacturers can do a good job both inside and outside, then the natural product sales and popularity in the market will increase!