How To Maintain Silicone Products To Prevent Aging

- Mar 12, 2018-

 In life, many things will gradually become old and slow with the use of time. People will grow old. Not to mention other things, but silicone products will also be aging with the number of uses and the use of the environment. The performance is declining. Speaking of the aging phenomenon in our lives, there are countless parts and components of silicone, so it is very likely that a casual mechanical component or a small part in life will bring us even greater trouble. For a long time, with the aging of the environment, we can see that the sticky hair is soft, and the product has obvious edema, and there is also the phenomenon of cracking when it hardens.

    Studies have shown that the aging phenomenon of silicone rubber products can be mainly from the use of the environment and the use of the areas of oxidation, thermal effects, stress effects, liquid products cause the phenomenon of accelerated aging of the product, oxygen in the ozone damage performance, silicone molecular chain Different compounds, resulting in changes in performance of silicone rubber products or reduced, thermal effects, silica gel can be high temperature but the use of long-term high temperature will lead to active polymer activation caused by silicon atoms appear to appear soft, foaming and other phenomena. The role of force needless to say, in the long-term tortuous force after the destruction of the silicone rubber molecular force caused by the fracture caused by the appearance of deformation phenomenon, the role of water, silica is a high adsorption material is insoluble in water and any liquid, but in the long term Water contact can cause water molecules to infiltrate into the interior of the silica gel and destroy the basic properties of the material, resulting in decreased product performance and even discoloration.

    Aging phenomenon is also inadvertently emerged from the situation, general silica gel products in normal circumstances can still reach the desired service life, so in the use of life in order to achieve the life of the prevention of aging can also be appropriate to slow the delay aging phenomenon, anti-aging The agent has become one of the additives used by rubber manufacturers and silicone product manufacturers. There are two major series of amines and phenols. About 1% of rubber and silicone products can be added, which can effectively prevent heat, The role of oxygen, light and liquid, in addition to the use of the process of reasonable use of effective prevention to enhance the value of the use of the product!