How To Make An Egg Beater

- Apr 21, 2018-

Material: Container with lid, motor, can, hot melt adhesive


1. Drill a small hole in the middle of the plastic cover of the container. It is better to have a hand drill, if you can not use a knife or a nail.

2. Use a hot melt adhesive to attach the small motor to the cover. The shaft of the motor passes through the hole. Be careful not to touch the cover, otherwise it will affect the rotation of the shaft. You can also use the adhesive.

3. Then cut an aluminum ring from the can, drill a small hole, set it on the shaft of the motor protruding from the hole, and fix it with hot-melt adhesive. Also be careful not to prevent the motor from rotating. The motor is the egg beater. Power source, so this aluminum ring is a mixer.

4. It is possible to make the shape of the aluminum ring a little more complicated, and getting a petal-shaped aluminum ring out is not to look good, but to enhance the stirring effect.

5. A home-made egg beater has been produced, and then an egg into the container.

6. Then close the lid of the beverage. After the wire of the small motor is turned on, the motor starts to rotate and the egg beater starts to work.