How To Make Perfect Poached Eggs Without Using Vinegar

- Apr 01, 2018-

The Plastic Wrap Method

If you don’t mind using plastic wrap or you aren’t completely frustrated with how it sticks to itself, then it’s a great way to poach an egg. Get your water to simmer in preparation for the egg. Lay the plastic wrap - be sure it's food safe wrap first of course - in a teacup and give it a light rub of olive oil or butter.

Ensure the plastic wrap is pushed down into the cup and crack your egg into it. Add spices if you wish then pick up the ends of the plastic wrap and tie it in a tight knot above the egg. Drop the egg into the simmering water to poach for a few minutes.

Remove the egg from the pot and use a pair of scissors to cut away the plastic wrap. Your poached egg will not have the classic poached egg shape but it also won’t have those wispy whites hanging off!