How To Open Red Wine With A Wine Bottle Opener?

- May 04, 2018-

  1. Knife opener: first clean the bottle and then use a knife to cut the plastic cap of the bottle, and then wipe the bottle clean. At this time, insert the tip of the auger into the center of the cork, then upright the auger, slowly drill clockwise into the cork, first fasten the first active joint to the bottle, hold tightly with the left hand; When the right hand lifts the handle straight up and puts the cork out halfway, the second joint buckles the bottle and repeats the previous movement. If you feel that you are pulling out quickly, hold the cork with your hand and gently shake or rotate it. The cork is pulled out.

  2. Seahorse Opener: Press the back of the knife, cut 180 degrees anticlockwise at the raised mouth, and 180 degrees clockwise until you open. Then aim the cork authentic and force it straight down and rotate the wine knife clockwise. Remember not to get through the cork, use the outermost horseshoe mouth against the bottle, and lift the knife handle until it is opened. Do not take out the stopper directly to prevent the falling of wood chips. Pull it out slowly.

  3. Air pressure opener: Place the cutter at 90 degrees on the top of the bottle, turn it with the blade and rotate it, cut the foil, insert the needle of the opener into the bottle from the middle of the cork, and use the plastic cover. Protect the bottle mouth; up and down activities to inject air into the bottle until the cork slides out from the bottle mouth (usually 4-7 times per bottle can be opened); finally use the small plastic slider on the protective sleeve to put the cork stopper from Get out of the gas needle.