How To Peel An Avocado Half

- Apr 28, 2018-

  1. Glide a metal spoon in between the flesh and the skin. Slip the tip of a large metal serving spoon into the flesh of the avocado as close the the skin as possible.

  Try to insert the spoon into the flesh before the dark green portion of the flesh to preserve as much of the flesh as possible.

  Gently push the spoon underneath the flesh, following the curve of the skin as closely as possible.

  Slowly glide the spoon around the perimeter of the fruit to completely sever the flesh from the skin.

  2. Lift the flesh out whole.[3] Slide the spoon back under the bottom of the flesh and scoop it straight up and out. If the flesh has been completely loosened, it should come out in one solid chunk.

  If there are any parts of the flesh that are still stuck to the skin, the avocado may come out in pieces, instead.

  If you accidentally cut through the peel as you were severing the flesh, you may have small pieces of peel stuck to the flesh in several spots.

  3. Peel away any remaining fragments of skin. If there are any pieces of skin still stuck to the fruit, you can peel them off by digging your nail under the peel and lifting it away.

  If you are unable to remove the fragments with your nail, shave them off with a small paring knife, instead.

  From this point on, you can cut and prepare the avocado as desired.