How To Remove Silicone Taste

- Mar 17, 2018-

   The smell of silicone is not unpleasant. Why smell? The reason is through the machine hot press molding! Many raw materials emit odors once they have been exposed to high temperatures, and silicone is no exception. Maybe some manufacturers will add flavor additives to their products and export them to the United States for rigorous FDA testing. Many spice additives cannot survive. The taste is normal, because the silicone products need to be hardened during production, need some added ingredients, equivalent to the catalyst in the chemical reaction, these substances are mostly tasteful. To get rid of the taste, it is also very simple. Here are 5 ways to help:

   1. Exposure of the product to the air for 2-3 days will naturally dissipate the taste.

   2. Soak the silicone sleeve in boiling water for 2-3 hours. Most of the taste can be dispersed. Can not simply think that the product has fruit flavor, it must be qualified. In fact, the fewer ingredients added to the product, the more assured.

   3. The use of silica gel deodorant can effectively remove the various odors that may be released from the resin and additives during the processing and use of silica gel or silicone rubber, increase the production environment of the silica gel and the environmental protection level of the products, and use a low amount of odor. High efficiency, easy application, environmental protection and non-toxic, should be available in the market.

   4. Soak in salt water and vinegar, and brew it for about ten minutes. (This should be a quick way).

   5. One hundred fifty degrees, baked for half an hour can also be deodorant.