How To Remove The Avocado Seed

- Apr 28, 2018-

  1. Scoop the seed out with a metal spoon. This is the safest technique you can use to remove the pit of the avocado.

  Slide the tip of the spoon in between the pit and the surrounding flesh. Gently push the spoon underneath the pit, following the side of the pit as closely as possible.

  Circle the spoon around the pit to loosen it from the surrounding flesh on all sides.

  Glide the spoon back under the pit of the avocado and lift it straight up and out.

  2. Remove the pit by striking it with a sharp knife and lifting it straight out. You will need to tap the pit with the sharp edge of your knife with enough force to stick into it but not enough to cut through it.

  This method is not officially recommended since it can be fairly dangerous. Exercise as much caution as possible so that you do not accidentally cut yourself with the knife in the process.

  Protect your hand by holding a folded kitchen towel in the palm of the hand you are holding the avocado in. The towel should separate your hand from the avocado.

  Gently tap on the center of the seed with your kitchen knife, gradually wedging it further and further in. Slowly increase the pressure of each tap as you progress.

  Once the knife is securely fixed into the seed, twist the blade from side to side to loosen the seed. As soon as the seed breaks free from the flesh, lift it straight out by lifting up the knife, bringing the seed with it.