How To Save Energy In Kitchen Appliances

- Sep 29, 2017-

Now people on the requirements of kitchen utensils is not only beautiful, neat and orderly, the color should also choose their favorite. Now the kitchen is no longer a single, color diversification, personality more detailed. Kitchen utensils are carefully arranged, but the kitchen how to use energy-saving, which is a lot of people are concerned about the issue

Rice cooker:

Cook the same amount of rice, 700 watts of rice cooker than the 500-watt rice cooker more time-saving power; panning rice soaked for 10 minutes and then cook, more power.

Induction Cooker:

To keep the electric plate clean. Because the electric plate will continue to attach grease stains, a long time will be carbonized film, affecting thermal conductivity, increase power consumption.


The best place on the shelter or increase the wind ring, to prevent the flock off the bottom of the pan. Adjust the size of the inlet, so that the full combustion of gas, the judge is to see whether the flame is clear, whether it is pure blue, whether the combustion stability.


According to the height of the pot to use the appropriate stove shelves, the height of the flame should be the flame outside the bottom of the pot. Should be adjusted according to the size of the pot at the end of the fire, flames and the bottom of the pot after the contact slightly curved, flame licking the bottom is appropriate; large diameter pan than the tip of the pot more gas.


Do not boil water and then cold water, but should be directly to the cold water to the required temperature.


Microwave oven:

Processing of food on the layer of non-toxic plastic film or lid, the food is not easy to evaporate water, taste good and power.


Electric water dispenser:

Long time and more energy consumption, it is recommended not to use frequently when the use of traditional vacuum bottles of the thermostat temporary storage.



Storage of about 80% of the food volume is appropriate, storage of food will increase the compressor running time.

Kitchenware energy is also very particular about the above to share the kitchen energy-saving methods, hoping to help you.