How To Use Garlic Press?

- May 27, 2018-

 To use garlic press, you need to load garlic cloves into the extruder basket and then pushes the press into the basket. The long handle provides leverage, allowing the cook to force the garlic through into a waiting container. Typically, the outside of the garlic press will need to be lightly shaved with a sharp knife to get all of the strings of garlic out of it. The resulting pressed garlic is very fine in texture, with a rich garlic aroma that comes from a multitude of burst cell walls.

  Some cooks find it easier to leave the peels on their garlic when they press it. This certainly makes it easier to clean, although the peels may need to be removed periodically to clear up clogs in the press, allowing all of the garlic to get through. Most garlic presses also have small teeth in the press portion which match the holes in the extruder plate, further forcing the garlic through.