How To Use Red Wine Bottle Opener

- Apr 26, 2018-

  1. Use a knife to cut off the cover under the protruding circle of the bottle mouth and wipe the bottle mouth clean with a cloth.

Insert the corkscrews of the corkscrew into the center of the cork and slowly turn them in. If using a butterfly-shaped corkscrew, when the spiral body gradually enters the cork race, the handles on both sides will gradually rise. When the handle reaches the fixed point, gently Pull them down and pull the cork out. In the case of a unilateral screwdriver, after turning the screw into the cork, pull the handle so that the claw at the other end can catch the bottle, then slowly lift the handle and pull the cork out.

  When the bottle is opened, if the cork is broken, use a "two clip type bottle opener" to clamp the stopper.

  2. When opening champagne sparkling wine, the foam spraying out of the opening method is a dramatic effect in the celebration party, that is, wasted and unprofessional. The official method is as follows:

  Tear open the foil envelope;

  Hold the bottle with your left hand, hold your thumb with your thumb, and turn the wire with your right hand.

  Tilt the bottle slightly outwards, but not against the person. Hold the stopper in one hand and slowly turn the bottle with the other hand.

  Be careful to control the cork to pull out and the sound of the popping is as quiet as possible.

  Due to the high pressure inside the bottle, sometimes the cork will pop up, so be careful to cover it with a cork stopper to prevent it from being ejected. Also, do not open the bottle vertically to prevent it from injuring yourself.