How To Zest A Lime

- Apr 28, 2018-

1. Wash the lime under cool, running water. Pat dry with a clean towel to clean the lime further and make it easier to grip.

2. Place your grater above a cutting board at a 45-degree angle. A  grater is a flat or curved metal kitchen tool with tiny, sharp holes across its surface. It can be used to produce finely grated lime zest with little effort.

3. Gently push the lime across the surface of the grater. Rest your lime on top of the grater, near the base. Push the lime gently across the blades. This should shave the skin into a fine zest, which will fall onto the cutting board for you to collect.

4. Rotate the lime to zest the rest of the fruit. Zest the first area until the colored skin has been removed. Once the white pith beneath the skin is revealed, rotate the lime to rub a new section of the colored skin over the microplane in the same way.

5. Collect the zest and place it in a small bowl.