Is It Safe For Baby To Use Silicone Products?

- Apr 27, 2018-

  Silicone products have excellent softness, especially liquid silicone, which can be stretched and tear-resistant, and have a better effect on the shaping of products. In addition, the softness of silicone can simulate the tactility of the mother's nipple, and it has the effect of pacifying the baby's mood. The rubber will be hard and it is difficult to achieve this effect. Therefore, baby pacifiers, whether bottle-standard, or an independent pacifier, mostly use liquid silicone as the best raw material. Is it safe for your baby to use silicone products? Here we will use silicone bottles as an example to explain it to everyone.

  The first problem with choosing silicone products first is safety. Silicone baby bottles are made of liquid silicone, non-toxic and tasteless, and can be used as food grade applications. However, for plastics to achieve good product characteristics, it is necessary to add a large amount of antioxidants, plasticizers, stabilizers, etc., which will be harmful to the human body.

  Followed by the nature of stability. Because the bottle is often cleaned and disinfected, the silica gel is stable in nature, resistant to acid and alkali, heat (-60°C-200°C) and moisture-proof, but the stability of the plastic is slightly poor, and harmful substances may be decomposed at high temperature ( Such as PC material).

  Last is the resistance to falling. In fact, silicone and plastic are very resistant to drop, to the soft silicone hardness is moderate, feel better. Therefore, out of the glass bottle, the bottle is generally inclined to buy food-grade silicone. When selecting materials, besides ensuring safety, the softness of the teat should be better realized. Therefore, most people will choose silicone products.