Kitchen Equipment Industry Scrapes The Internet Wind

- Apr 27, 2018-

  Nowadays, the kitchen equipment manufacturers are again dealing with the current market in the traditional mode. Obviously this is not the right time. With the onslaught of the hurricane on the Internet, kitchen equipment manufacturers must undergo transformation and upgrading. Besides considering meeting the basic needs of consumers, they can also adapt to the new changes in the market and bring consumers quality improvements.

    E-commerce platform plays a traditional channel role

    The Internet has subverted commercial channels, and traditional commercial enterprises have been affected. In the past, the "channel was king" in the kitchen equipment industry, and the sellers and terminals were relatively scarce. The manufacturer must give sufficient incentives to the channels to make the products competitive and ensure that the products can reach the market smoothly. Consumer hands. This leads to the channel's profit level can even exceed the manufacturer.

  In the Internet era, the channels were simply flattened. The manufacturers supplied electricity directly to the consumers. The e-commerce company then sold the products to consumers, and the price of the products was significantly reduced. At the same time, e-commerce platforms have played the role of traditional channels in the past, and shopping pages have replaced shelves. With the help of search engines, not only is the display space for products no longer scarce, but it also allows consumers to complete purchases more quickly and affordably. This cannot but be said to be a big opportunity for the kitchen equipment manufacturers. However, due to the special nature of the industry, it is doomed that the kitchenware equipment companies cannot exist beyond the traditional channels.

    Kitchen appliance equipment brand marketing can rely on the Internet

   As a result, kitchen equipment manufacturers can also tap the potential of the Internet from the perspective of brand marketing. The Internet age has changed the phenomenon of “one-shouldered sales” in the past. Enterprises regard “customers” as “users” and further evolve them into “fans”. Traditional marketing theories are trying to convince customers to buy goods through advertising and promotion. However, in the Internet age, any trading behavior is precipitated in big data. The simple “Fudge” is no longer effective, and consumers “compared to the three”. The phenomenon will be more apparent.

    For successful purchase behaviors, kitchen equipment manufacturers also need to maintain good customers, and strive to allow users to recognize the company's products and culture, become a company's fans, in order to derive new potential purchase behavior. Under the vigorous development of Weibo and WeChat, users will share shopping experiences with friends through various forms. Individuals can become self-media, consumers with the same hobbies form ethnic groups, and consumers’ word-of-mouth marketing has reached an unprecedented height.

    It can be said that in the Internet era, users have truly been respected by companies, and have improved after-sales service, and even can use their own experience to give back to the kitchen equipment companies for reference of the next generation of products. The role of channels is weakened and consumers are respected, so that the Internet age has truly become the era of “products are king”. The strong rise of Internet companies not only benefits from the brand marketing occupying the minds of consumers, but more importantly, they provide good products. Good products themselves become marketing tools. This is what the kitchen equipment brand marketing process must capture. experience.