Manual Egg Beater Usage

- Apr 21, 2018-

  When using a manual egg beater, the hard part is the wrist. Wrap the air with proper rotation of the wrist joint to achieve the purpose of sending egg white, butter and other ingredients. When using a manual eggbeater to mix the dough, it is necessary to grip the handle firmly and use an upright method to fully mix the power of the arm with the wrist. The selection of manual egg beater depends on the grip of the handle, the proper curvature of the egg beater, the firmness of the connection between the wire and the handle, and the manual egg beater is a good choice for brand products. The brand egg beater is made of thick stainless steel wire. Good elasticity, not easily deformed, the material surface after electrolytic treatment. Eggs are hand-assembled so that the stainless steel wire of the egg beater is not easy to turn around and is not easily broken.