Not Only Can Ice Cubes Freeze Ice, But Can It Be Used Like This?

- Apr 11, 2018-

Is your home ice bar oversized? Here are some interesting ways to play Ice Cube, simple and fun, creative. You can use the ice cubes in the refrigerator to make you feel happy and happy. Eat ice cubes.

   The original ice tray can not only freeze ice, there are so many uses! Fruit chocolate, chop strawberries or any fruit you like and cut it into the ice cube, then add the melted chocolate and freeze! The last ice is a good variety of fruit chocolate; fruit yogurt ice, ready yogurt and a variety of fruit juices and fruits. Add yoghurt first and then divide it into different juices and flesh, and finally freeze on these beautiful and delicious fruit yogurt ice!

    Ice coffee, iced the iced coffee cubes with iced coffee, and then can be added to the freshly brewed coffee to cool quickly, or to make the ice coffee thicker; use various dried flowers to make various ice cubes; Pomegranate ice, pomegranate word cut a small mouth, add water into the ice tray; prepare all kinds of fruit juices and drinks, put ice cubes and make ice cubes; frozen chocolate is frozen in ice cubes and ready for use. Immediately after being added to milk, it instantly becomes chocolate milk.

   Use various kinds of milk that you like to eat ice cream and freeze it into ice cubes, then add milk flavor into ice cream; use food pigment powder to make ice cubes, add beauty to crying in various beverages; prepare various sliced fruits The meat and juice are added together in ice cubes and frozen into fruit ice cubes and added to the beverage. Pour coconut water or coconut milk directly into the ice cubes and freeze. Use it to make sand ice, with soda or directly Yes, it is refreshing and delicious. Unusual spices, such as rosemary and thyme, can be poured into the ice cubes and sealed with olive oil; thick tea is frozen into ice cubes, then milk is added, and ice tea is prepared.