Our Silicone Placemats Are Safe And Secure

- Mar 15, 2018-

 In our life, the kitchen utensils, silicone mats, are also a large part of our lives. Recently, I saw on the Internet that many netizens are asking about the safety of silicone mats? Is there a toxic silicone seat mat? This kind of problem will be addressed today for everyone!

 First of all, we first understand the placemats. Everyone knows that there are many kinds of placemats like cotton placemats, hemp placemats, bamboo placemats, paper cloth placemats, plastic placemats, pvc placemats, plastic placemats, etc. Placemats. Silicone mats, now a new type of placemat,

  Silica gel mat low-carbon environmental protection, anti-skid, shock, heat insulation, wear and other superior performance, more and more European and American five-star hotel is very popular with silicone mats! In particular, high-end hotels all pay attention to environmental protection. The standard for evaluating five-star hotels is to see whether the hotel's environmental protection indicators are up to standard, not just the quality of the decoration.

  Silicone mats are toxic? Silicone mats are made of food-grade silicone, and food-grade silicone products have been widely used in infants, medicine, daily necessities, and other fields. And if you want to sell in the country, you must pass GB food safety certification. Europe and the United States also through the FDA, SGS certification, silicone mat is non-toxic!

  Silicone mats safe? Silicone mats are not safe. This is for sure. Food-grade silicone mats can be found in developed countries such as Europe and America. Silicone mats are widely used in everyday life.