Poké Ball Pizza Cutter

- Nov 09, 2017-

A few days ago I introduced the lovely and practical "Poké Ball Lunch Case", which is good at merging various movies. There are also new works by ThinkGeek Company with animation elements related peripheral products. Dream Pokeball becomes a Poké Ball Pizza Cutter that can cut any pizza right now!

Due to the recent opening of "Pokemon GO" to capture legendary Pokemon, the streets and lanes set off an upsurge of crawling once again and caught half trying to eat pizza but the shopkeeper forgot to cut it. As a professional Pokémon trainer, it is also normal to have six "Poodle Ball Pizzerias" with you? Not only is it lightweight and portable, it makes you handsome and stylish when you slice pizza Is a very reliable trainer ah!

   Poké Ball Pizza Cutter.jpg

       Poké Ball Pizza Cutter.jpg

The ThinkGeek's "Wizard ball pizza knife" in addition to good carrying, the use and cleaning are quite convenient, remove the white shell is a sharp pizza knife, the upper half of the red shell can be removed after opening Blade cleaning; it is worth mentioning that in a circular pizza knife printed on the Elf ball and the Pokemon pattern, so you can see the cute Pokemon turnning around when you cut the pizza.