Semi-automatic Egg Beater

- May 17, 2018-

  What is a semi-automatic eggbeater?

  Semi-automatic eggbeater is also called spiral egg beater. It is an egg beater that can be rotated. Put the egg pot flat, hold the egg beater up and down, and hit the hard foaming state you want.

  How to use semi-automatic eggbeater

  Head down against the cutting board, press the handle, and the head rotates, pressing it clockwise. After the handle releases pressure, due to the action of the spring, it will rotate counterclockwise, so that the reciprocating press.

  The eggs were plucked into the bowl and the head of the whisk was placed in the center of the bowl. The reciprocating push of the handle is repeated, and it immediately rotates. It is very fast. Repeatedly pressing several times, the eggs are laid, which is much more convenient than direct hand playing.