Silicone Baking Tons

- Apr 08, 2018-

   Varying in general sizes that range from 6 to 20 inches in length, Tongs are available for numerous types of food preparation activities. Smaller sized Tongs, often referred to as "serving Tongs," are used for handling small ingredients during the preparation of foods or during the serving. Most often made with either a forked or flattened ends, the smaller Tongs work well to handle small servings of foods in buffets or on appetizer plates and trays such as cheeses, meats, vegetables, and fruits. Tongs that are larger in size are generally used for placing or removing foods when grilling, stove top cooking or oven baking where the longer length keeps hands away from heat and the size allows easier grasping of items. Since larger Tongs can spread up to 10 inches when open, many will have locking mechanisms that enable the Tongs to be locked together for storage or for holding some items more securely.