Silicone Heat Resistant Oven Mitts

- Jul 07, 2018-

  When you do a lot of cooking you need a quality set of oven mitts. They are perfect for all cooking, baking and grilling!

  These gloves are made of silicone, which makes lots of sense. And unlike most oven mitts these have a five finger grip, which makes it much easier to get a good grip on the hot pans or cookie sheets.  The silicone material has a texture, so you dont have to worry about things slipping out of your grasp.  And they provide better heat protection than fabric oven mitts.  

  The gloves are made of pure food grade silicone, which is BPA-free and FDA approved.  They are heat resistant to temperatures up to 425 F, and you can even run them through the dishwasher to clean them.  You can use them to pick up something like raw meat and then put them in the dishwasher to make sure they really get clean.  These are a very handy kitchen item!