Silicone Heat Resistant Pad

- Dec 14, 2017-

Nowadays, we have a lot of kitchen soup in the family, cooking pots are placed on the table, and sometimes we wear the table, so now some creative masters have created a variety of insulation pads, it is understood that in our A lot of restaurants are everywhere, and because the dishes that have just been fried are very hot, they are very hot and therefore have a small impact on some types of dinner tables. Although the market also sells a wide range of insulation pads, but because of the length and frequency of use, cleaning aging, the limitations of applicable containers and other shortcomings can not be used for a long time.

The use of silicone insulation sleeve, then, there are great benefits, and now most families have used inside the silicone insulation sleeve, it has many of the main features of the function, using one hundred percent of the silica gel, insulation and good insulation Endure the temperature range of -40 degrees to +230 degrees. It will not fade, environmental health and safety easy to clean, silicone insulation pad there are non-slip function too! Its main properties are non-toxic, odorless, high temperature, acid and alkali, abrasion resistance, flame retardant, compression-resistant deformation, good insulation, anti-aging and long service life. So in the entire market and family So hot and use, its range of uses is very wide, under normal circumstances we all use it for tableware above, but in many restaurant hotels can also be seen.