Silicone Kitchen Utensils Category

- Jan 03, 2018-

The first category: silicone mold.

Silicone mold is no strangeness for us nowadays, such as silicone cake mold, silicone ice cube tray, silicone fried egg mold, silicone chocolate mold etc. Those silicone mold have the good feature of flexible, easy to release, heat resistance and low temperature resistance, will not lose its shape etc. In addition, most of silicone product manufacturer factory support silicone mold customized as the client requirement.

The second category: silicone kitchen tool.

Silicone kitchen tool is well received, such as silicone spatula, silicone turner, silicone whisk, silicone kitchen spoon, silicone oil brush etc. Silicone kitchen tool use the silica gel feature of stability, durable, strong deformability, made into cooking tools, spatulas, turner, brush etc.

The third category: silicone vessel.

Silicone vessel contain silicone bowl, silicone pail, silicone plate, silicone cup and silicone lunch box etc. Some silicone vessel can collapsible, portable and saving space. Therefore, the silica gel material soft and flexible, out of shape, will not be break, is also adapt to be baby tableware.