Silicone Mat Protects The Table Without Traces

- Mar 31, 2018-

We often see signs of burns on the tables in our homes. Some of the tables were newly bought back, but after two days, there were many signs of burns; our hearts were dripping with blood, and Affect the appearance.

   There is no way to do this. It's usually better to find some kind of paper, but if there is a guest coming to dinner, do you mean to put those things under the hot soup? This is so much cold! And it is not beautiful, affecting appetite.

    We also like to lay a nice layer of tape on the table, but how can we make this not always look new? Even if you put a very hot pot of soup or tea cup, do not be afraid to put this very beautiful tape to be hardened, leaving a hot mark. This will put a very cute silicone pad, with it you will not have these troubles.

   Since we had a silicone mat, we no longer have to worry about the scald of the table, leaving scars, and after using it for a few years, the table is still like new, with no scars on it. Even if we just cooked a large pot of soup, we dont need to worry about scalding the table. We can drink it directly on the silicone mat. The temperature range of the silicone mat is -40°C-230°C. You can rest assured that you dont have to worry about silicone mats. Being scalded, unlike a plastic mat, a silicone pad hardens once or twice and then breaks.

    And the mat made of silica gel is non-toxic and odorless, and there is no need to worry about safety issues. However, to buy a regular, guaranteed product, silicone products are generally more expensive than plastic because the raw materials of silicone are much larger than plastic. The production of silicone cushions you can rest assured that use, we produce the products are high temperature disinfection, as well as quality testing.

    With the silicone insulation pad, we can never see the signs of burns on the table, and it is very beautiful, but also bring more fun to our monotonous life.