Silicone Product Color Matching Techniques

- Mar 21, 2018-

In the production of silicone products, many people will confuse the color matching box, thinking that it is the same, in fact, two concepts of color box color matching, color refers to the color of the target color is the closest to the original color, The color match refers to the masterbatch composition according to the target color, which is adjusted according to the proportion of the masterbatch to achieve the closest target color. After the prescription is finished, the recipe is recorded for the next use.

The color adjustment of silicone rubber products is based on the color matching operation, that is, adjustment is made on the original formula, and then the desired goal is also reached. The method is basically the same, but the color matching needs to start from the beginning to formulate the formula and adjust the color, and the color adjustment is The addition and subtraction of color masterbatch and its components are based on the original formula to make it closest to the target color and record and record the formula.

The color matching method of rubber products and silicone products is the same as the color masterbatch analysis according to the target color. According to this selection masterbatch, what is the weight of each masterbatch? According to the analysis results, a preliminary color formula is written, and the first color preparation is performed according to the recipe. After the first color deployment is completed, it is necessary to perform color matching with the target color, and the color difference between the actual color and the target color is analyzed, such as the actual color and the target color. The color difference is too large, you need to refer to the above table according to the color difference in the direction of color difference to continue to deploy, and record the color masterbatch and component added each time, until the practice color is very close to the target color and summarize the color formula and record on file.