Silicone Products Industry Characteristics Analysis

- Mar 21, 2018-

"The development of silicone products industry" is based on the silicone products manufacturing industry. Miscellaneous pieces of silicone miscellaneous, such as difficult to challenge, and now the silicone product industry is concentrated in the Guangdong region, according to a small series of fine survey, manufacturing business was difficult at the time, the difference is still unsolved doubt. At the annual China Silicon Products Exhibition, it is rare to see new faces with silicone products. Even if there are, there are very few miscellaneous pieces. A single expert from a single silicone industry made a speech and made silicone products. The industry topic has entered everyone's horizon.

    Nowadays, silicone product technology has shown a remarkable trend of specialization and division of work. Baseline silica gel, which mainly consists of 0.5 to 0.8 mm particle diameters, is rapidly developing in China. Microsilica gel with 1- to 15-μm particle diameters is mainly used in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. Made great progress. The difference in shape and performance between the base silica gel and the micro silica gel has become a direct driving force for diversified use.

    In fact, the use of shopping malls for domestic silicone products has quietly increased over the past two years. In 2013, 2014 and the first half of this year, it is estimated that by this year, silicone products will account for 10% to 15% of the total domestic rubber and plastic spending, that is, the consumption of silicone products is expected to reach 1 million to 1.5 million tons, and by 2020, In the year, the ratio of silicone rubber to total rubber consumption is expected to reach 20% to 33%, that is, the consumption of silicone rubber products is expected to reach 3 million to 5 million tons.

    Although the domestic silicone product manufacturing industry is in a critical period of transformation and promotion, the company's enthusiasm for the establishment of silicone products is much more than the old form of silicone button production. Therefore, in the opinion of experts, the innovation of the silicone product industry will be an encouragement contest competition. There will be no shortage of shopping malls due to the establishment of independent and independent manufacturers.

    Today, the use of silica gel technology has now penetrated into all walks of life. Some have matured and some are in-depth. Silicone manufacturers have used the most extensive industrial areas. The use of agriculture, the tertiary industry and the information industry has also been very agile in recent years.

    Industrial use Silicone was first used primarily in the military industry. After the Second World War, the scope of use gradually expanded. Silica gel has been used as a desiccant at home and abroad, and has been widely used. Following the acceleration of the process of specialized division of labor, the quality used in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, biochemical, environmental protection, coatings, textile, paper, ink, plastics and other industrial areas. And the level has reached a new level.