Silicone Tableware Advantages

- Mar 12, 2018-

  Silicone cutlery Compared to ceramics, plastics, and hardware cutlery, silicone cutlery blends well with temperature, regardless of whether the food is cold or hot, can protect the temperature of the food itself, reduce the temperature change and loss, and put it in a silicone bowl or basin for a period of time. The food can also maintain its original temperature and will not transmit the corresponding temperature to the user when using it. And the unique nature of the silicone material itself is not the same as other materials, so that the product produced has an amazing effect. For example, silent food containers, after high-temperature cooking, will not produce harmful substances. The cutlery is foldable, kneadable, reversible, does not take up space in its pocket, and does not absorb oil. It has a desiccant function, and it will not become moldy and change quality due to long-term storage.