Stainless Steel Cutlery Safety Issues

- Apr 27, 2018-

  Consumers say

  Many consumers, especially young mothers, attach great importance to food safety and like to use stainless steel cutlery for their babies because stainless steel cutlery is not prone to bacterial growth. However, many mothers worry that stainless steel containers are hot and prone to overheating. Heavy metal content is not acceptable. Stainless steel cutlery will endanger the baby's health and affect the baby's brain and heart development.

    Manufacturers say

    Whether or not a kitchen product manufacturer's product meets food safety standards depends on whether the manufacturer chooses to use the target material. Even with the same kitchen supplies, the use of different, there are differences in the selection criteria. The manufacturing process of stainless steel cutlery is not tedious. After the sheet is stretched and pressed, the necessary welding, sanding and polishing can be performed. All these aspects will not affect food safety.

    Experts say

    Although stainless steel is more resistant to corrosion than other metals, trace amounts of metal elements in stainless steel will slowly accumulate in the human body if used improperly. A certain amount of metal elements will harm human health. Nickel in stainless steel is a carcinogen, and excessive intake can be harmful to the body. However, experts also said that in fact, if the tableware does not corrode, the use of normal life, the impact on the human body is minimal.