Stainless Steel Utensil Holder

- Aug 09, 2018-

Stainless Steel Utensil Holder.JPG

1. It is made of high quality stainless steel with a bright, hi-luster finish resists rust and dullness to maintain its gleam over time.
2. The bottom of the stainless steel utensil holder is raised and has drainage/drain holes, so put wet kitchen gadgets in and dry quickly, with round shaped holes on body, simple but elegant,also nicely ventilated. The bottom is removable.
3. Thoughtful design, the bottom of the holder design of silicone base, very beautiful and preventing scratches your expensive table as well.
4. It is easy to clean and machine washable, just put in dishwasher and dry it.
5. Great for storing medium-sized utensils: spatulas, ladles, spoons, tongs, whisks and more.