Steamed Buns How To Choose Silicone Pad? Steamer Silicone Pad Is Safe?

- Apr 12, 2018-

   Is it safe to use a "plastic-like" silicone pad? In the past, more steamed buns have been used with straw mats or gauze pads under the steamed buns. How to choose steamer mat? Do not try to buy plastic steamer mats for cheap, harm people! Experts said that food grade silicone is safe, but because of the cost of silicone mats more expensive, plastic and silicone are not good, do not rule out unscrupulous businessmen use plastic instead , and the plastic is exposed to high temperatures is a potential risk. Steamer pad silicone material is generally used for food grade silicone, silicone is divided into industrial grade and food grade and recycled plastic, consumers encounter too cheap mats, you must be careful, do not think that cheap to look for purchase. Silicone steamer pad color is white, but not the kind of special white, this kind of you have to be careful whether or not to add ingredients in order to brighten and affect the product.

   Secondly, the plastic material steamer has a very strong plastic taste. If you encounter such a situation, you must not use it. Think of the plastic material cushion at a high temperature of several Baidu. Can your bun still be eaten? ? The real silicone material of the steamer mat is non-toxic and non-toxic. It is no problem if it is used at a low temperature of -60°C and a high temperature of 180°C.

Steamer silicone pad material: silicone cotton net. Service life: 1-2 years. Temperature resistance: -60°C-180°C.


   1. Economical: The product can be used without brushing edible oil, and the life span can reach 5-10 times that of ordinary straw mat, which can effectively save the cost.

   2. Hygiene: The product is made of food-grade silicone, which is not only easy to keep clean in the steamer, but also easy to clean.

   3. Non-sticky: This product is not sticky oil, non-stick skin, can be used repeatedly.

   4. Breathable: multi-cell structure, easy to breathe, heat conduction is good, so that the steamed out of the bottom point is not hard, soft and refreshing.

   5. Safety: through the international SGS edible silicone products related testing and certification, non-toxic, no odor, safe and secure.

  The steamer silicone pad can be used in all areas of food processing, such as cooking mats (cage mats, tray mats), food quick-freezing mats, food conveyor belts, etc. In addition, it can also be used as an advanced non-slip mat, such as table mats, Coasters, carpet anti-skid mats, etc. With its advantages of non-stick, durable, long life, and economical hygiene, it has won praise from customers at home and abroad.