Talking About The Color Difference Adjustment Method Of Silicone Products

- Mar 23, 2018-

Silicone products color palette is not as simple as most people say that the color is so simple, the color difference is usually not enough concentration, high density, reddish, green, yellow, blue, dark, shallow, etc. . So how to quickly and correctly recall the desired color, the following is the decision

   How to adjust the color difference method to share.

   Adjust gray: white - black, black - white, red - green, yellow - blue, blue - green;

   Adjust green: yellow - add blue or white, blue - yellow, partial Yan - add red or black, dark - reduce the concentration and minimize the amount of green color cream;

   Reddish: yellowish - white or blue, blue - red or yellow, dark blue, dark, dark - reduce the concentration and minimize the amount of red color cream;

    Blue: blue - yellow or red, red - green or yellow, yellow - blue or white;

    Adjust yellow: Reddish - add yellow or white, yellow - add red or white; Yan Yan - add black;

    Purple: blue - red, red - plus blue;

    Adjust orange: Reddish - yellow, yellow - red;

    In the production of silicone products, a lot of people will mix and match the color palette, thinking that it is the same, it is the color box color matching two concepts, color refers to the original color based on the color closest to the target color , And color match refers to the color masterbatch composition according to the target color, according to the proportion of masterbatch to adjust to achieve the closest target color, after the allocation of the recipe, for the next use.

The color matching of silicone products is very important in the production. For the color adjustment and color matching work, the operators are required to have a sharp color resolving power and a wealth of operating experience. In the entire coloring process, the principles of light to darkness are followed, and the color masterbatch must be flexibly used during the color adjustment process. Do not memorize the hard-back formulas, which will cause resources to spread and affect the production.