The Best Expensive Corkscrew

- Nov 07, 2017-

If money is no object and you’re regularly shelling out big bucks for a bottle of wine, then you may opt to go with a luxury wine opener. Laguiole has long been considered the Lamborgini of the wine accessories industry. Made in France, these waiter-style corkscrews have unique handles crafted with amazing materials like ancient trees found in the garden at Versailles, stag’s horn and even fossilized mammoth tusks.

There is a lot of confusion surrounding Laguiole corkscrews. That’s mostly because Laguiole is not actually a brand, but the name of a small town in the south of France. Laguiole became associated with a specific shape of a traditional knife — and later high-quality corkscrews — that were hand-made in Laguiole and the nearby town of Thiers. Unfortunately, the name was never copyrighted, so anyone can claim to make a Laguiole corkscrew and knock-offs abound on the Internet. The three most reputable brand names you should be looking for are Aurac, Chateau, and Forge; in addition, make sure to buy your corkscrew from a well-known dealer.

This genuine corkscrew is expertly assembled by a single master craftsman from start to finish, ensuring that your end product is unique. The screw and built-in serrated foil cutter are forged from ultra-strong brushed stainless steel. Your corkscrew also comes with a beautiful wooden storage box and a certificate of authenticity.

The corkscrew comes with a lifetime warranty. Around the web, expert reviewers from places like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal tout the extraordinary craftsmanship of Laguiole corkscrews. User reviews on Amazon are limited, as there are few Laguiole corkscrews sold at the commerce site. But those select reviews are mostly positive. “Amazingly practical and a beautiful thing,” wrote one verified buyer in August 2016.