The Choice Of Cake Spatula

- Sep 29, 2017-

In decorating the cake, a spatula called the hand is essential. In baking, can be used to apply a spatula icing sugar, jam, fillings and various sauces. A spatula with elastic blade and a fixed handle, can carve out many exquisite shape, and can be used for trimming the edge of cake, the cake looks more perfect.

According to the different shapes of the spatula, can be divided into straight shank spatula and crank spatula, and similar spatula because different length.

Straight shank spatula blade is made of stainless steel, can be bent, curved blade end.

A spatula is also called Qu Wendao, is similar with the straight handle spatula, the difference lies in the connection in the blade and the handle has a short bend.

Two types of spatula function the same, but compared with the straight shank spatula, crank spatula operation on mobile cake or dressing more easily when the surface of the cake.

Select a spatula size need to consider personal affection and the size of the cake. The larger size can be used to coat a spatula ordinary cake frosting, small spatula can be used for cookies or Cup Cake decoration. Now some of the market is also a spatula with sawtooth shape, can be used to cut the cake.