The Dangers Of Nylon Kitchen Utensils

- Dec 01, 2017-

Nylon is used to construct kitchen utensils such as spatulas, whisks and slotted spoons in multiple colors and configurations, sometimes sold in sets. If you own or plan to purchase any of these utensils, you should be aware that some of these nylon cooking utensils may have hidden dangers, especially if they melt.

Heat Ratings

Not all nylon cooking utensils have the same level of heat resistance. If you purchase a utensil with low heat resistance, the plastic may melt and contaminate your foods. When purchasing nylon utensils, always look for the heat rating on the package. Your utensils should have the ability to withstand at least 450 degrees Fahrenheit. If you cannot find a heat rating on the package, the nylon utensil is probably not tempered, which indicates a low heat resistance. Never use melted nylon utensils.


Unlike stainless steel utensils, nylon utensils crack easily. When this happens, food particles can become trapped within the tiny crevices and remain there even as you diligently clean the utensil. After those food particles rot, they may contaminate other fresh foods as you unsuspectingly use the utensil in future cooking projects. If you notice cracks in any of your nylon utensils, discard them at once.