The Feature Of Silicone Coaster

- Jan 08, 2018-

Silicone coaster put on the table top, non-stick, would not reflection of light, and would not hurt the instrument desk. Silicone coaster adheres well to the desktop, would not easy to skidding. Even though the desk or table shock strongly, the cup would not fall down because of inertia.

Silicone coaster have good elastic and soft , can flush with water direct, easy to clean up the ash. Silicone coaster heat resistant, would not out of shape, without smell, without pollute and without harmful to human body.

Silicone coaster durable, usually can be used in seven or eight years if without man-made damage. Moreover, silicone coaster belong to green eco-friendly silicone product, can pass LFGB, FDA, SGS food grade approved. The silicone coaster on the desktop for a long period, would not leave any mark on the desktop. In addition, silicone coaster have great effect of sound insulation, easy to cut out certain shape and convenient to change.