The Features Of Silicone Mat

- Apr 26, 2018-

  Silicone pad is a kind of commodity that the market needs more in silicone products. With the characteristics of silica gel, there are certain tension, flexibility, excellent insulation, pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical stability, environmental protection and safety, no odor, food grade silica gel pad is non-toxic and tasteless, insoluble in water and Any solvent is a highly active green commodity. Food grade silicone mats are inherently heat stable (-40°C-230°C). Suitable for different occasions. Commodity has outstanding softness, satisfaction is not the same, silicone pad is widely used in electronics, industry, and home based on outstanding characteristics. Silicone coasters are usually used in household daily goods, heat insulation, non-slip, concept decoration, are made of food-grade silicone materials and can be equipped with various types of cups; super insulation can effectively protect the desktop from being The hot, delicate surface not only can decorate colorful days, but also has the effect of heat insulation and heat preservation. It is made of high-temperature vulcanization molding with oil pressure machine, high temperature resistance, environmental protection and non-toxic, and is the most advantageous product in the society that meets the concept of environmental protection nowadays; silicone coasters , Stylish and generous, free to flip to change the shape, can be extended use, size for a variety of cup size, enjoy hot drinks can be centered on the table, heat temperature -40 degrees to 220 degrees, silicone raw materials do not hurt the desktop.