The Five Kitchen Gadgets You Actually Use

- May 15, 2018-

  1. Coffee Grinder

  Coffee grinders are great to have on hand for more than just coffee. They make it a total breeze to grind spices and small quantities of nuts and oats for flour.

  2. Julienne Peeler

  With smooth functionality and little room to take up, a julienne peeler is a safer and easier way to go than a mandoline slicer.

  3. Vegetable Brush

  Many vegetables don't need to be peeled when they are scrubbed with a good, stiff brush. Skip the peeling process by scrubbing and prepping at the same time.

  4. Tiny Whisks and Spatulas

  Tiny tools are great to get quick, easy jobs done. They are fun to hold in your hand, and cleanup is easy-breezy.

  5. Spiralizer

  Jump on the healthy veggie noodle train and buy yourself a spiralizer, a kitchen gadget than you'll actually use time and time again.