The Function And Use Of Kitchen Knives

- May 11, 2018-

  Now many of the branded knives are packaged. In general, a full range of kitchen knives must have at least a slicing knife, a cleaver knife, a guillotine knife, and a fruit knife. Some of them also include scissors, peelers, sharpeners, and tool holders. A set of kitchen knives can basically meet all kitchen cooking needs. Here is a look at the functions and uses of various kitchen knives.

  Slicing knife

  The slicing knife can basically only be used for food slicing. For example, vegetables or cooked foods, and things that are easy to cut, are generally not suitable for cutting frozen meat without thawing.

  Cleaver knife

  The cleaver knife is used to cut off hard foods such as hard bones. After all, the force is fierce. The general kitchen knife is not easy to cut off or even hurt the kitchen knife, and the knife becomes blunt or cracked.

  Cutting knife

 The pruning dual-purpose knife can be cut, but there is no special slicing knife for sharpness when sliced, and it is not suitable for cutting large bones. Generally, it is a good choice for pounding meat.

  Fruit knife

  The fruit knives used in the kitchen are generally used to cut the skins of vegetables and melons. After all, the knives will inevitably feel a little inconvenient, or they will use a little knife.