The Reason Why Silicone Products Become Brittle

- Mar 09, 2018-

 The phenomenon of brittleness and softness of small products is a common phenomenon in the molding process of silicone products, and it is also a kind of distressing phenomenon. Many silicone product manufacturers have become brittle and brittle in the production process, and they break in a pinch. Caused many bad problems in our production, seriously affecting our production efficiency, even if the product is barely able to pass the QC test, the service life in the market can not reach a reasonable time requirement. So how can silicone products control and prevent this phenomenon in the production process?

  1. The first problem is that the temperature during molding process is too high and the time is too long, which leads to brittleness of the product. Material problems. The main reasons leading to the silicone products becoming brittle or hardened are the poor material of the material itself, which results in the failure of the tear strength. It is recommended to use superior materials for production and processing, and to produce special products with meteoroplasts for production, so as to achieve tear strength requirements.

  2. The design of the mold is irrational and the production structure of the silicone product is unreasonable. The product structure or mold design is unreasonable, which leads to fracturing of the mold product during production. It is recommended to improve the mold processing or the structure of the mold, slightly thicken the area where it is too thin, and drop it a little at a right angle.

  3. The most common cause is mainly caused by the operation method of the personnel. Generally, in the production process, the manufacturers of silicone products will lock the vulcanization time at a certain time. The control of the mold-out time can effectively prevent the products from becoming brittle and becoming soft. The phenomenon, so in general this situation, are looking for the reasons from the personnel side!