Understanding Food Silicones For Food Industry - Cake Molds

- Mar 09, 2018-

  Because silicone is safe, hygienic, and resistant to high temperatures, silica gel can be used in food and medical applications in addition to industrial and electronic applications. Many foods such as cakes, breads, and jellies that are eaten by everyone are packaged in silicone products. Silicone cake mold is a silicone product that is often used in the food field. It is a product classification of "food silicone".

  In addition to the silicone cake mold can be packaged in addition to cake, in fact, it can package a lot of food, do not be misled by the word "cake", it can be used for chocolate, conditioning food and other packaging, silicone cake mold has many distinctive features, it inherited All the characteristics of food silicone, in addition to complete health, high temperature, the silicone cake mold also has easy to clean, diversity, long life, comfort, potential and other characteristics.

  Silicone cake mold can be made into any color that we can see with the naked eye, and can also be made into the shape we want, so the silicone cake mold has both beautiful and practical features.

   In the future, with the implementation and increase of national energy conservation and environmental protection policies, food silicone will have a larger market to demonstrate its characteristics, not only silicone cake molds, food complex molds, and candy molds can have a good development space. Other silicone products can also get a bigger market, and look forward to the spread of food silicone!