Using A Traditional Zester To Zest A Lime

- Apr 28, 2018-

1. Wash and dry the lime. Hold the lime under a stream of cool water and rub gently. Pat dry with a towel.

2. Get out your cutting board and zester. A zester is a kitchen tool with several tiny blades or sharp holes, which creates long, curling ribbons of lime zest, perfect for garnishing. 

3. Pull the zester along the surface of the lime. 

4. Rotate the lime and repeat the process. Once the strips have been removed and the white pith beneath is exposed, rotate to an untouched section of the lime. Continue to pull the zester over the lime until you have the amount of zest you need for your recipe.

5. Chop the strips of zest finely (optional). If you are using the zest as a decorative garnish, skip this step. If you are using them in a recipe, use a sharp knife to cut the zest into fine pieces.