What Are The Differences Between Food-grade Silicone And Ordinary Silicone Products?

- Mar 29, 2018-

Above the production process of silica gel products, many products choose different raw material production, common silica gel parts are mixed with common silica gel production, and some products requiring higher performance are made of food grade gas phase rubber. For high-performance products with high requirements, Where exactly is the difference between them?

  Ordinary silicone material is not very bad, in the daily supplies which ordinary silicone raw materials can meet the standard requirements for silicone miscellaneous items, silicone sealing products, silicone electronic accessories, etc. can reach a certain service life, rebound and stretch The degree of practicality can be achieved, so the use of common rubber materials is commonly used in some machinery, electronics, automotive and agro-industrial industries. Some accessories are common, and the standard of life is also considerable!

   The role of food-grade silicone rubber materials is relatively broad. Common silicone gifts, silicone daily necessities, kitchen supplies, etc. are all produced using gas-phase adhesives. Its main performance is to achieve higher purity of environmental effects and various aspects of performance and efficiency. Improvements such as pulling force, temperature resistance, aging resistance, texture of the product, etc. are more extensive and powerful than those of ordinary rubber.

   The difference between the two is that the ordinary rubber material has a lower cost and the quality of the product is medium, and the whitening phenomenon occurs in stretching, and the tearing effect is general. The gas phase rubber is improved on the basis of ordinary glue. The raw material is stretched better without any whitening phenomenon, and the service life is better. The field of application is wider. The density of the raw material is higher and the price is relatively high. The rubber compound is a very common raw material for silicone product manufacturers! It is also the most used two materials!