What Are The Different Advantages Of Silicone Daily Necessities?

- Mar 28, 2018-

In the manufacturing industry, every kind of product for production and processing needs to be rigorously selected to meet the eligibility criteria before it can be put into use. Some of the materials used in life are the same. For example, we have made silicone products for daily use more prominent in recent years. The use of materials is constantly expanding and paying attention. In the life and use, the demand for silicone rubber products is also increasing. This also means that it is gradually being taken seriously by us. Rubber and plastic materials are purely safety issues in the early days. Of course, we are naturally ignored as hazardous substances, but after years of research and development and refining, there is no conflict with environmental health. Therefore, it is of course necessary to pay attention to the selection of daily life silicone products.

   The requirements of many buyers over the years are gradually increasing along with the development of living standards and science and technology. The raw material requirements for silicone rubber products are relatively strict. In particular, daily necessities must require consumers to pay attention to and accept the use of silicone products manufacturers. Said silicone material can be divided into ordinary, food grade, medical grade, special silicone, and why do we need food grade silicone in daily necessities? First of all, it is basic for non-toxic and tasteless, in fact, the life and performance of the use must be outstanding. Compared with other common materials, the difference is that the high temperature is not deformed, and the toughness is stronger. For example, after falling, it will not bump, can be long-term twists and turns, rubbing Pinching, non-stick oil, long-term placement without mold, discoloration and other characteristics, which is also common material and other materials can not be compared.

Compared with other materials, food-grade silicone rubber daily necessities have more advantages, because the requirements from raw materials to production molding are all high-demanding standards, such as environmental protection requirements: The raw material of silica gel is high transparency and high purity. , RoHS, CCC, LFGB or FDA. Raw material performance requirements: According to the mixing and mixing of the corresponding colorant and high-efficiency anti-yellowing vulcanizing agent, the products can be achieved to meet the standards of food-grade silica gel. The molding process requirements are: to be able to achieve safety and environmental protection, and to produce at the manufacturer's production After the environment, the health and the performance of the machine must be adjusted to maintain no impurities, no foreign matter, high-temperature curing, oven baking, product cleaning, QC testing are more stringent. Therefore, food-grade silicone products on the market are gradually being discovered by us and gradually change our lives!